Pär Skoglund Finquist

I have 20 years of professional experience in the pharmaceutical industry, 10 of which were focused on leadership development. I also have experience working with boards of various organizations as CEO, chairman and board member.

I am convinced that leadership is a crucial factor in achieving the results we long for and need. I believe in a leadership that is characterized by ‘creative consciousness’ where we cherish and develop each other, and identify and dare to let go of what no longer benefits us. 

Leadership needs to exist at all levels in an organization, but the starting point is self-leadership. That is, our own ability to lead ourselves, for example, through the choices we make and where we put our energy. I love coaching individuals, teams and organizations. One of my strengths is that I get people and organizations who “should talk to each other” to meet, and I gladly connect different parts of my network to facilitate development and co-creation.