Business Transformation

Individuals and organizations either develop or stagnate. Sometimes the development work is about small step-by-step improvements and sometimes a complete transformation. Our experience comes from leading and coaching transformation in several different types of organizations. Succeeding in a transformation is difficult. One study shows that only 15% succeed. 

We have learned that the success factors are: a high level of commitment throughout the organization; a creative leadership culture that shows the way and a continuous open and honest dialogue about the factors; and ways of thinking and behaviors that both promote and inhibit development. Although the work with the organization’s structure is important, the determining factor is putting the effort and energy into developing the organization’s culture.

One of the projects where these approaches were applied was The Business Transformation project at Roche Sweden, a project that Pär was one of the key leaders for. It has been recognized by the International Association of Facilitators with an “Impact Award”. Read more about the project here:

359 Leadership can help you succeed with your Business Transformation with a targeted approach based on your needs.