Creative Conscious Leadership

It is challenging to be a leader. We know what it’s like to be a manager both when it’s at its worst and you feel “flat as a pancake” sandwiched between different stakeholders, and when leadership is easy and smooth. We benefit greatly from these practical experiences from leadership when we coach managers and leaders in organizations. We work with leadership at all levels in organizations both at organizational, group and individual level. Leaders need to be developed both in terms of competence (longitudinal development) and by increasing awareness, so-called vertical development.

We want to support you to develop your and your organization’s leadership into a more Creative conscious leadership. It must be pleasurable/lustful to lead oneself and others and by leading in this way energy is released!

How do we do that?

Some of our most important work tools are Leadership Circle and Coaching.

The Leadership Circle

We are one of the few organizations in Sweden that are certified in The Leadership Circle Profile (TLC) in Sweden. TLC is both a leadership model and a set of measurement tools, including a 360-degree analysis. It is a great way to start the ‘journey’ of developing this kind of leadership for all levels of an organization.


One of the most important leadership skills to develop is to be able to easily “switch” roles depending on the situation. We help you expand and develop your “gearbox”. Sometimes you as a manager need to be able to be a visionary, and in the next moment to be able to instruct an employee, and then later switch to the role of coach.