One of the most important leadership skills to develop is to be able to easily “switch” roles depending on the situation. We help you expand and develop your “gearbox”. Sometimes you as a manager need to be able to be a visionary, and in the next moment to be able to instruct an employee, and then later switch to the role of coach. Our experience from having coached around a hundred leaders is that if you develop the role as a coach in your organization, you can have a powerful development of the leadership and in a shorter time get more learning and development with less effort. We have also seen from our work that coaching in itself increases the self-awareness of the leader. All in all, by focusing on coaching, you can develop several of the competence areas within creative conscious leadership.

The International Coach Federation (ICF), the largest professional international coaching organization defines coaching as follows:

“Coaching is partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.” 

Who can say no to that?

How do we work with Coaching?

We work with developing Coaching for individual support and development, multi-day workshops with your leadership team with a focus on both coaching and the ability to switch between the different roles that leaders need to use.

“Pär is calm and confident as a coach and he has an ability to "listen between the lines", to hear what is not said. He asks a lot of questions that lead to reflection and self-reflection. He sees my potential and leads me in the conversation so that I myself see solutions and opportunities to move forward. Pär is an excellent coach and I can warmly recommend him.”