How do we work with Co-Creation?

One of our key beliefs is that many of the challenges we face as organizations are so complex that we can no longer solve them ourselves. We need a different way of interacting. Unfortunately, the customer focus can also be overshadowed, even regarding the main purpose of the business. You may also recognize that we are late to involve the customer in how they view our products and services. 

We believe in a different way of communicating with our customers – to go from monologue, to dialogue, and most of all to co-creation. 359 Leadership wants to help create the space and environment where we can meet as equals and in genuine partnership in order to solve common challenges together.

A common thread in our work is development. Within co-creation, this might be expressed, for example, by creating new meeting methods to better interact both within organizations and with customers. Specifically, this consists of training and being inspired by facilitation tools, innovation methods such as. Design Thinking, agile methods, tools to improve Customer Experience and training in facilitation. We adapt our methods to your needs and we are happy to make sure to train you (“train-the-trainer “) so that you yourself can continue to facilitate co-creation on your own.

An example of how everyone can become more creative …

If we are given the right conditions, we can all contribute better with our ideas. This was the driving force behind a project Pär previously led called “Spark of Creativity” – a project initiated to unleash the creative potential of employees and included collaboration with the Nobel Museum. In 2018, the project received a Platinum Award from the International Association of Facilitators

If we have fun together, we achieve better results and want to help find more relaxed and playful ways to “ignite the spark of creativity”. We believe that it is in the balance between playfulness and seriousness that creativity is born! One way we do this is when we facilitate creative workshops with the award-winning innovation game Innovate or Dinosaur – “either we innovate or we die out”. The game is a playful way to concretize the creative process. First, ideas are catalyzed by so-called expansive thinking, and then the ideas are challenged through reductive thinking before developing them further into innovations.

What can you do yourself?

One example:
A lot of co-creation you can try to start doing yourself. One way to go about it is GOOBing (Going Out Of Building). Leave the office and experience how others do things. Use your network and co-create. We have a lot to learn from each other!

And if you need help getting started or if you need some inspiration, we are happy to help!

Another example:
We believe in the importance of learning from mistakes. Learning by mistake has been in vogue for a long time. But how come it is so difficult? We are happy to share how you can do something tangible in an organization to see your mistakes more as lessons and as a prerequisite for creativity and innovation.